Author Guidelines

Author Guidelines

The editors of ELTR Journal welcome authors to submit articles written in English in accordance with the following guidelines -- points 1-10:

1. Articles have not been published or accepted for publication, or are being considered for publication elsewhere.

2. In addition to the manuscript, a written statement should be attached which clarifies the originality and free of plagiarism.

3. Types of articles suitable for publication include research reports and conceptual ideas.

4. Each article should be normally approximately between 2,500 and 10,000 words long and in form of essay written in English which includes:
a. Title (15-20 words) in bold type and in capital each word (except for function words; Use lower case for function words, for example, prepositions and conjunctions) , and in 12-point size of Times New Roman font, 
b. Author’s name (without academic degree) with an e-mail address and institution’s name.
c. Abstract in English (150-200 words) which includes research problems, methods, and results.
d. Keywords in English (3-5 words).
e. Introduction (without subsection) which includes the background and objectives. The introduction section ends with an emphasis on items to be discussed.
f. Theory (literature reviews/theoretical construct) of the research.
g. Method
h. Results (with sections)
i. Discussion (with sections) which includes data analysis, verification of hypothesis, findings, and the intepretation.
j. Conclusion (without sections) which includes the concluding remarks, research implications, and suggestions.
k. Reference list should appear at the end of the article and includes only literatures actually cited in the manuscripts. Reference list should contain at least 60% new primary literatures and at most 40% new secondary literatures. References are ordered alphabetically and chronologically. When writing a reference list, please use the APA style (the sixth edition).

5. Conceptual Idea
a. Introduction
b. Theory
c. Theory Aplication
d. Conclusion
e. Reference

6. Every section heading is in bold type and in upper case for the first letter, for example, Introduction, and every subheading is in bold type, in italics and in upper case for the first letter of each content word and in lower case for the first letter of each function word, except for the first letter of the function word which begins a subheading, for example, Data Analysis and Engaging Activities and Tasks.   

7. Another suitable type of article is a book review. Please note the following requirements for submitting book reviews:
a. Books being reviewed should be newly published.
b. Book reviews should be between 2–4 pages in length.
c. A copy or scan of the book cover should be attached.

8. The editors appreciate if authors excerpt information from subsequent published articles in ELTR.

9. Articles should be uploaded onto ELTR website in soft-files using Microsoft Word application, double-spaced on A4-sized paper, using 12 size Times New Roman font. Each article, written in English, should be normally approximately between 2,500 and 10,000 words long.

10. Authors will be sent notifications of the receipt of manuscripts and editorial decisions (whether the articles are accepted or not) by e-mail. 

To download the article template of ELTR Journal, please kindly click: Article Template of ELTR Journal

Article submissions and publications in ELTR Journal: A Journal on Language and Language Teaching are free of charge -- without any article submission charges or article processing charges.